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Single cylinder double doffer carding machine
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Functionality & application:
1.  Carding fibers and convert fibers to form the even and consecutive fiber web
2.  Applicable for diverse nonwoven production: needle punching, thermal bonding, spun lace, etc.
3.  With the ability to process diverse fibers, such as polyester, viscose, nylon, pp, jute, glass fiber, carbon fiber etc.
1.  Single cylinder, double doffer, four random roller
2.  Frequency conversion controlled motor and variable working speed
3.  Separated transmission achieving the flexible and accurate operation.
4.  Up to date design: high efficient, circulatory suction fan, enclosed case.
5.  Easy operation and maintenance
Main technical data:

Working width: 1550mm  1850mm   2000mm   2300mm   2500mm
Diameter of the cylinder: 1020mm   1230mm
Diameter of the doffer: 535mm   492mm
Output speed: ≤40m/min
Capacity: ≤300kg/h

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