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Learn about Types of Knitting Machines
Release Time:2017-11-16 14:54   Author:admin
There are mainly three varieties of machines which are used to knit fabrics and these include the standard bed model, bulky weight and the mid gauge equipment. Although a large amount of fabrics can be weaved easily with this equipment, it requires utmost concentration as the yarn gets tangled in the gadgets leading to slipped or tangled stitches. Most of these devices are available in mechanical or electronic model in many of the online stores at various price rates.
Standard bed models: It is also known as the 4.5mm model as the hooks are placed 4.5mm apart from one another. It is mainly used to produce laces, cables and light patterns. Baby weight or thin yarn can be used in these models. DK or light sport yarn can also be used in these models. The standard bed models can be used to make knitted suits, lace and fine sweaters.
Mid gauge machines: A mid gauge machine is ideal to replicate hand knit patterns. This device is quite versatile and includes large hooks which are placed.65 apart. Chunky and baby weight yarns can be used on these gadgets quite easily. However, it is important to check the manufacturer's instructions before using any type of yarn. As it has large hooks, it can manage chunky yarns quite efficiently.
Bulky weight models: It is also known as the chunky weight models which have hooks placed 9mm apart from one another. It is ideal for making heavy sweaters and chunky yarns. It is considered to be one of the best models available today. It can be found in both computerized and punch card versions.
Brother manufactured some of the best knitting machines known to the world which included both punch card and computerized options. Today the company no longer manufacturers these gadgets but however, it can bought from second hand stores and through online stores.

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