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waster fabric recycling machine Overview
Release Time:2017-01-10 16:00   Author:admin
waster fabric recycling machine, also known as microfiltration machine, is a mechanical filtration equipment for the presence of small liquid suspended substances (such as pulp fibers) to maximize separation, solid and liquid separation of the two purposes. Microfiltration and other methods of difference is that the filter medium gap is particularly small, with the screen rotating centrifugal force, in the lower water resistance, with high velocity, trapping suspended solids. In this case,
This waster fabric recycling machine is for the existing micro-filter easy to plug, easy to save, maintenance and maintenance workload, the second investment and other issues specifically developed for papermaking wastewater treatment is one of the best practical techniques. It is widely used in filtration of municipal sewage, pulp and paper, textile, chemical fiber, printing and dyeing, pharmacy and slaughtering sewage. It is especially suitable for the treatment of white water in paper making, use. In this case,
waster fabric recycling machine structure description
waster fabric recycling machine mainly by the transmission, overflow weir water distributor, flushing water devices and other components, skeleton, filter and protection network and water contact parts are stainless steel, the rest of the carbon steel or stainless steel.
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