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Prospects of waster felt production line
Release Time:2017-01-03 15:59   Author:admin
Recycling of discarded textiles is a new industry with abundant resources, low investment and remarkable benefit. waster felt production line can not only alleviate the shortage of resources in the textile industry, but also can reduce the environmental pollution of the textile industry, and has huge economic and social benefits. Looking at China's textile recycling, the following points are worth learning:
1, the development of waster felt production line recycling for the Internet laws, regulations and standards. In this case,
2, the establishment of waste textile recycling agencies and organizations
In Europe and the United States, there are specialized waste textile recycling organizations, their recycling of waste textiles play a significant role in promoting recycling. Combined with the actual situation of China's textile industry. The Government can come up with part of the funds, the establishment of specialized waste textile recycling agencies, the agency can be used as manufacturers, vendors bridge between the recycling of waste textiles gradually forming a leaf chain to promote the recycling of waste textiles in China development of. In this case,
3, select the appropriate recycling method
For different waste textiles, select the appropriate recycling methods, to a certain extent, improve the recycling of waste textile recycling efficiency. For example, for those damaged textile waste, can be reused after disinfection, or for the production of rags, car use of the Ottomans, coarse carpets products. Because of the low cost of energy recovery, technology is simple, more suitable for those damaged more serious chemical fiber products recycling
4, the development of recycling of new waster felt production line technologies
China's chemical fiber consumption increased year by year, and the chemical fiber class of waste textiles with high recycling value, such waste textiles has become the textile industry developed countries, the focus of recycling. Therefore, China should also vigorously develop fiber waste textile recycling technology, such as the development of advanced tear, open equipment, the development of chemical fiber separation, extraction and regeneration of new products.
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